White Glo Diamond Series Tray

A whitening kit including a whitening treatment, mouth tray and toothpaste.

Review by Shannon

What is it?

This teeth whitening product from White Glo claims that you’ll have whiter teeth in 7-days or your money back. Included within the package was a White Glo daily toothpaste, the whitening treatment itself and an ‘instant fit’ mouth tray, which is all you need for this process. With a treatment time of 5-15 minutes a day, the package does not make any claims on how many shades of improvement you should see, but the nice Photoshopped image on the side of the box looks like about 20-shades. The question is, did it work? Read on to find out what I thought…





The Process

This product was incredibly easy to use, I mean, who doesn’t have time to switch their toothpaste and spend 5-minutes biting into a hunk of plastic? It’s a hands-free process with the mouth guard, which meant I could carry on with my day while waiting for my teeth to ‘shine bright like a diamond’ as promised on the packaging. The tube is a little difficult to get the product out of as it’s very thick, but once I’d mastered that hurdle, the rest was a breeze.


White Glo

Diamond Series Tray

Suitable forAdults
Not Suitable forUnder 12s, pregnant women
Applications Per Pack7
Steps Per Applications2
Application Duration15


Easy to Use


Value for Money


Overall Score
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Did it work?

I kept the product on for 15-minutes, the top end of the recommended scale to maximise results and used the toothpaste twice a day. In terms of taste and use it’s super easy and doesn’t taste vile, which is always a bonus (and a big risk with teeth whitening products!) I did notice a bit of a difference after just a week, at least a shade or two, which isn’t bad for a £15 product. I have to admit; the results are nowhere near as good as those shown on the packaging (surprise, surprise), I would still recommend it though. Plus, there’s still plenty of product left in the tubes, maybe even enough for another full week in the near future!

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