Optical Whitening Technology with added Fluoride too.

Review by Annie

What is it?

This toothpaste uses optical whitening technology to whiten teeth up to 1.5 shades whiter after just one use, and is fluoride-based to help strengthen enamel. It’s suitable for all adults although it does warn about inhaling fluoride – I was VERY careful.





DID it work?

Whether it actually made my teeth whiter, I can’t decide. In certain lights I feel they may be, but I don’t know if it’s either the lighting or my mind making me think it is. Also, how do you even measure shades of white? Like would it ever stop, or would continued use have me looking something like Ross from friends by the end of the week?! I’d say it would be difficult to argue a noticeable difference after just one use that’s for sure.

However, as far as toothpastes go, it’s not too bad! On a scale of 1-10, 1 being marmite-flavoured (actually exists, who knew) and 10 being milk teeth toothpaste, I’d put it at a comfortable 7. It doesn’t taste that bad at all and the texture definitely doesn’t offend me – although that’s not to say I’m going to go around eating it by the tube load; think of the fluoride inhalation!


Rapid White

Instant Whitening Toothpaste

Suitable forAll adults (contains Fluoride)
Not Suitable forPeople avoiding Fluoride
Applications Per Pack25
Application Duration2


Easy to Use


Value for Money


Overall Score
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The Outcome

I’m not sure the results weren’t just all in my head, but it tasted quite pleasant and minty, and it was really easy to use. If you can use normal toothpaste you should be alright! In terms of time, you just use it in place of your standard toothpaste, so it doesn’t really take any longer than usual and you can easily have time for 2 treatments per day. I’m somwhat in the middle regarding the value for money, just because I don’t feel that they made them that much whiter after one use, and £6 is probably a bit steep for just a toothpaste.

All in all, although I can’t vouch for it making teeth white after just one or two uses, I will say that I’m a fan of it as a toothpaste, regardless of its whitening capabilities. It could be worth investing in and using for slightly longer to test results, but I do acknowledge that it should be knocked down a few points for the far-fetched ‘after just one use’ claim. 

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