Strips to whiten teeth in just seven days.

Review by Shannon

What is it?

A week ago I invested in these Rapid White Express Teeth Whitening Strips. Having read a few good reviews, I thought I’d take the plunge and opt for something a little more expensive than the toothpastes I’d tried out before. The strips are used twice a day for a week, and that’s all that’s contained in the packet. It claims to whiten your teeth by 4 shades in just 7-days. I figured if this works in just 7-days it’d have been worth the cost. So, here’s how I got on!





The Process

These strips are surprisingly easy to apply; you just dab on the accelerator and stick the strips to your teeth. They’re very malleable so easy to pop in (although be warned, they’ll stick to anything damp and I did get a little bit one stuck to my lip). In the first few seconds I was pleasantly surprised to taste mintiness. The mint taste soon fades away for a more chemical taste, which isn’t very incredibly pleasant and is quite overpoweringly strong. They made my mouth feel very sticky and not particularly nice, but it only lasts for 5-7 minutes so isn’t unbearable. I have to admit though, the do take more like 10-15 minutes to actually dissolve, but I stuck to the instructions and rinsed my mouth after 5-7 minutes. Once I rinsed my mouth, it felt very clean and fresh.


Rapid White

Express Dissolving Tooth Whitening Strips

Teeth Strips
Suitable forAdults
Not Suitable forChildren or Pregnant Women
Applications Per Pack14
Application Duration7


Easy to Use


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Did it work?

After 7-days of use, I can definitely tell difference in the colour of my teeth. Whether it’s four shades lighter, however, I’m not so convinced; maybe two shades at most. I’m pleased with the results overall and feel that it is worth the cost, effort and horrible taste. It’s quite quick and simple, and doesn’t require too much dedication as you can only use the strips every four-weeks to ‘maintain’ your pearly whites. I’d say this is definitely one of the more effective teeth whitening methods I’ve used, and, despite my initial worries, it didn’t make my teeth any more sensitive!

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