Pro Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal Powder

A teeth whitening powder made from activated charcoal.

Teeth Whitening: Annie our reviewerReview by Annie

What is it?

A few weeks ago I bought some Activated Charcoal in Holland and Barret – I was having a bit of a health kick/look after myself drive, and wanted to try and get my teeth a little whiter in a safe way. The tub was £10, not too steep, I figured, if it actually works, given that I assumed the powder would last me a fair few weeks. See below for my review, and try to ignore the black foamy mouth while I’m brushing!





The Process

You kind of use this powder just like you would use a toothpaste. The pot says to sprinkle some on your hand and gently dab the toothbrush on there; I tried this a few times, but found it easier to cut out the middle man and go straight for the dunk. The taste isn’t great, but I wouldn’t say it’s the worst thing I’ve ever tasted (olives FYI). It made my mouth go dark whilst brushing and kind of squeaked a bit, which was weird at first, but I got over it. The spit was the weird thing, I guess as most bathrooms have white sinks, spitting black liquid seemed strange and definitely noticeable, but nothing a quick wipe won’t fix. The taste was certainly not ‘minty fresh’ and I felt I had to brush my teeth with normal toothpaste afterwards so not one for sole use if you suffer from bad breath.


Activated Charcoal Powder

Pro Teeth Whitening

Suitable forAll Adults
Not Suitable forN/A
Applications Per Pack25
Steps Per Applications2
Application Duration2


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Did it work?

I would say it did whiten my teeth slightly, although perhaps not as much as I was hoping given that it’s not the nicest taste or texture. It certainly made my teeth shiny, so anyone looking for shiny pegs look no further! I probably won’t continue using it, as it’s a bit more time consuming when you have to brush your teeth afterwards anyway. You might get better results than me though, and considering it’s Holland and Barrett, I would hope all of the ingredients are as good as they can be!


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