Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System

A blue light-activated technology whitening treatment.

Review by Shannon

What is it?

The Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System is one of those fun looking blue lights, and at a price tag of £49.99, I was really hoping to see some fantastic results. The kit contains three things: a whitening solution, a whitening activator gel and the blue light itself. On the instructions, you can pick the length of your treatment time, from two to seven days, and it tells you how many treatments you should use per day. I opted for the Express Whitening treatment, which meant that I would use 10 treatments per day for two days. The treatments take two minutes each (plus around two minutes to apply the liquids and let them ‘set’). Want to know how I got on? Keep on reading…





The Process

I was very excited to try out this product as I’ve heard such good things about the blue light kits. The application process is fairly easy; the two solutions are in nail polish-like bottles and are simply painted onto the teeth and left for 30 seconds. Then the light is held in front of the teeth for two minutes, after this time the light beeps and switches itself off which is rather handy! You can’t really do anything else during this time though as you need a hand to hold the light.

I found that after one treatment my mouth was aching from having to smile into the light so much, and had to take a break after three to let my jaw relax. I’m a bit worried that if you did this too often you’d be increasing the risk of premature wrinkles tenfold…



Pro Light Teeth Whitening System

Blue Light
Suitable forAdults
Not Suitable forUnder 14s, Pregnant Women
Applications Per Pack20
Application Duration2


Easy to Use


Value for Money


Overall Score
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Did it work?

Ten treatments was quite a lot for one day, but I figured if it gives you results after just one day then it would definitely be worth the time! I would say I noticed some results after the first day, not quite as noticeable as I had hoped, but I definitely felt my teeth were whiter, and the chart provided made it look as if my teeth had become two shades whiter!

 After 20 treatments, I could definitely tell that my teeth were a few shades whiter (three shades in total). It was particularly noticeable on my front teeth, but the yellower ones to the side do seem to have also lightened somewhat (two shades). I still don’t have the blindingly white teeth of my dreams, but this kit has definitely made a noticeable difference and all of that was just in two-days! Plus, there’s plenty of product left for another treatment in a few weeks time!

I loved the results of this product and think it could possibly be my favourite so far, but don’t forgot to check out our other product reviews to find the best option for you!

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