Dr. Organic Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

A natural Whitening Toothpaste with Activated Charcoal.

Review by Shannon

What is it?

So, this week I have been trying out a product from Dr. Organic, the Activated Charcoal, Bioactive Oralcare Extra Whitening Toothpaste. Overall, I actually really liked this as a toothpaste, it made my mouth feel fresher than any other toothpaste I’ve tried before, a positive result overall!





The Process

The whitening aspect of the toothpaste was not particularly noticeable, I do feel that it made a slight difference, but it’s difficult to tell… Quite often I think it might just be good lighting, but maybe over a longer period of time it’ll give better results (I’ll keep you updated). I think if I hadn’t have known that it was meant to offer whitening; I probably wouldn’t have noticed any differences in my teeth within the week.


Dr Organic

Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Suitable forChildren & Adults
Not Suitable forN/A
Applications Per Pack30
Application Duration2


Easy to Use


Value for Money


Overall Score
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Did it work?

This product is very easy to use because it just takes the place of your regular toothpaste, which is ideal! I was pleased to find that it didn’t stain my toothbrush either, so overall a really easy product to use on a daily basis without any hassle. The toothpaste made my mouth feel fresher and healthier after each brush, which I loved. It does have quite a strong minty taste that makes your mouth tingle a little, (which was quite a relief as I thought it might actually have a charcoal taste) but I personally didn’t find it uncomfortable at all.

In terms of time of use, this would have been 5* because it just fits into your usual daily routine without having to add any extra steps – fab! However, the time it took to see results whitening-wise was a longer than most products and it didn’t offer particularly noticeable results within the timeframe. As a standard toothpaste, this would sit on the pricier end of the scale at £4.99. However, with the whitening component, although it takes quite a white to see results, it’s a cheap way of brightening your smile a little without any harsh chemicals, uncomfortable treatments or even having to leave the house! I would definitely purchase the product again and use it as a regular toothpaste once my current tube runs out!

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