Coco White 2.0 Charcoal Oil Pulling 2-Week Kit

Charcoal oil sachets to whiten your teeth.

Reviewer: ShannonReview by Shannon

What is it?

For the last two weeks, I’ve been trying out one of the most Instagrammed products in the history of teeth whitening products. Having featured in Grazia and Elle magazines, as well as heaps of celeb social media accounts, I was VERY excited to try this one out. However, the thought of having to swill oil in my mouth for 5-15 minutes certainly dampened my excitement. I thought the process would be pure hell with a vile texture and taste, and let’s be honest; does oil pulling really whiten your teeth? Keep reading to find out…






The Process

I was very relieved upon popping the first sachet into my mouth to find that the minty taste is actually quite strong. The texture is a bit weird at first, I think just because they’d been kept in a cold area so the coconut oil had kind of set, but once it melts it doesn’t even really feel oily, just like thick warm water (that sounds way worse than it actually is). Swilling the oil for 5-15 minutes seems to last FOREVER, and my cheeks must’ve lost some weight from all that exercise! I managed 10-15 minutes each day though trying to maximise results.


Coco White

2.0 Charcoal Oil Pulling 2-Week Kit

Suitable forAdults
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Applications Per Pack14
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Application Duration15


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Did it work?

Results wise – the first positive was actually quite unexpected, but I’ve had chapped lips for about 6-months now and after using this for two weeks, they’ve never been softer! (Will definitely be investing in some coconut oil for my lips in the future). Teeth whitening-wise, I saw somewhat of a difference of maybe a shade or so. For two-weeks worth of work, a shade didn’t seem like the best result, but for an all-natural product, this could be a good option for the long term if you’re prepared to commit to using the product for months on end, although it might get a little pricey! I’d be keen to try out the other products in their range, and maybe reducing the time to 5-10 minutes per day for a long-term routine, as it’s a natural product it didn’t leave my teeth feeling sensitive at all either! 

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