Brilliant White Tooth Whitening 1-Week Kit

Home whitening kit with trays.

Reviewer: ShannonReview by Shannon

What is it?

The latest product I’ve been trialling is the Brilliant Tooth Whitening 1-Week Kit. It claims to make your teeth 4 shades whiter in just one week (we will see), prevent stains and tooth decay as well as acting as an anti-tartar control system. The guidelines say to use the kit twice a day for seven days, which contains an accelerator product, a teeth whitening gel with mouth tray and a whitening toothpaste. All in all, the process should take a maximum of 15-minutes, but the question is, did it work wonders on my teeth?






The Process

The whole process was pretty easy for this one, and the mouth tray is comfortable and sits nicely in your mouth. Getting it out is another story, however, and is very messy… I ended up with the gel mixture all over my chin, which wasn’t the most fetching of looks if I’m honest.


Brilliant White

Tooth Whitening 1-Week Kit

Suitable forAdults
Not Suitable forPregnant Women
Applications Per Pack14
Steps Per Applications2
Application Duration15


Easy to Use


Value for Money


Overall Score
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Did it work?

Overall though, this has been the most disappointing product I’ve tried. I didn’t notice a single shade of difference, but then again, it was a particularly cheap product. 4 shades whiter is certainly a massive exaggeration and I wouldn’t recommend. Sorry Brilliant, it’s a no from me. However, be sure to check out my other teeth whitening system reviews to find a product with a little more punch when it comes to teeth whitening!

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