Blanx Teeth Whitening Kit

A simple product used to whiten your teeth by brushing for just two minutes a day.

Reviewer: ShannonReview by Shannon

What is it?

For the last two weeks, I’ve been testing out the Blanx teeth whitening kit. This product is very simple, you just brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day et voila! It’s quite reasonably priced and I’ve heard a lot of good things about their other products so I had high hopes when starting off this trail. The question is, did it really work? Check out my full review below to find out…






The Process

This product did confuse me a little, one because the box is about three times bigger than the product inside (completely unnecessary), which made me think that there was something missing. Having read the instructions thoroughly I decided that there wasn’t anything missing, it’s just a simple tube-type thing. The product inside is like a very un-minty toothpaste, and I wasn’t sure whether this product should replace your usual toothpaste or be used in conjunction with as the instructions didn’t offer any details on that… I opted for the latter because I like that minty fresh feeling that the product itself just didn’t provide. That said, after 2-3 days of using it, my gums became quite sore, but I think that was more to do with the increased time spent brushing rather than the product itself (maybe I shouldn’t have added the usual toothpaste to the regime!)



Teeth Whitening Kit

Suitable forAdults.
Not Suitable forPregnant women.
Applications Per Pack28
Steps Per Applications2
Application Duration2


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Did it work?

That said; I have seen a difference in the colour of my teeth! The handy chart, which is provided in a not very easily accessed part of the box made it much easier to gauge the difference in colour and I would say there’s been a solid improvement of two shades! I think that this could be a good everyday product for gradual whitening, but the lack of instructions on how long to use it for and how it should be used makes it a little difficult to navigate… Blanx, any extra info would be greatly appreciated! If you’re still stuck when it comes to choosing the perfect teeth whitening product, read more of my uk teeth whitening reviews now.

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