Blanx Shock Power White Treatment

Blue light treatment with ActiluX formula.

Review by Leah

What is it?

The BlanX Shock Power White Treatment is an affordable version of the blue light treatment, at a price tag of £15.99. I was curious to see the results; would the price limit the performance? The kit contains two things: a BlanX Power White Toothpaste and the BlanX LED Bite (battery included). On the instructions, you can choose two methods: replace your regular toothpaste with BlanX, brush twice / three times a day for two minutes. After brushing your teeth use the LED bite for at least one minute. Or use the LED light for 10 minutes one a week for maximum results. Want to know what I thought? Find out below.






The Process

The application process is pretty straightforward; use the BlanX Toothpaste to replace your regular one, brush three times a day for 2 minutes, rinse, and illuminate your mouth using the Bite for at least one minute each time (only use treatment for two weeks at a time). You do have to time yourself for this method, as the light does not indicate to stop or automatically turn off.

For intense whitening, use the Bite for 10 minutes once a week (Again, for two weeks only). Brush your teeth as usual, apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste onto the mouth guard, and light up your teeth for 10 minutes. The light will beep and automatically switch off after 10 minutes, which is handy!

After trying the 10-minute treatment, I did find that my mouth was a little sore and the toothpaste can start to irritate your tongue and gums.



Shock Power White Treatment

Blue Light
Suitable forAdults
Not Suitable forUnder 14s
Applications Per Pack42
Application Duration5


Easy to Use


Value for Money


Overall Score
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Did it work?

After using the treatment for two weeks, using the intense method and daily use, I would say that my teeth are brighter. Not the four shades whiter claim, but there was some improvement!

Although this product did whiten my teeth, it was not significant enough to outweigh the cons of this product. After multiple uses, I noticed my lips were stained blue, my breath wasn’t as fresh as when I use my regular toothpaste, and the BlanX Bite was uncomfortable to use.

I thought this product was okay, but I won’t be using it again. Have you tried this product? Do you agree with my review?

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