Why a Healthy Smile Matters

Oct 11, 2018 | News

Teeth whitening solutions are becoming more and more popular, thanks to the rise of social media and celebrity influence, and the increasing availability of a whole myriad of products designed to give you that perfect white smile. In this modern age it feels as if everyone is looking for the easiest, most effective way of getting that perfect set of teeth. However, it’s important sometimes to step back and understand what it really is that we’re searching for, and for many that is good health.

It is vitally important that we continue to look after the long-term health of our gnashers. This is not just because it will often lead to whiter, better-looking teeth, but because protecting this exposed part of ourselves is crucial for maintaining health across our whole body. Consider these reasons why having a healthy smile really matters.

Your Line of Defence

Your mouth is like the gatekeeper for your body, and while you may not realise it, your mouth is constantly working to protect you from all sorts of bacteria and viruses that could cause us harm.

A key component to this process is saliva, which contains unique antibodies and proteins that, when combined, are a powerful defence against bacteria, often killing it before it gets a chance to enter the body. The fungus Candida albicans is one that forms naturally in the mouth, and it is important that your mouth is able to eliminate it before it passes through. People suffering with problems that result in weakened or less saliva often develop further illnesses associated with this fungus, often contracting yeast infections such as thrush.

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A Body Indicator

Not only does your smile help protect bacteria from entering your body, it also helps with the reverse – the condition of your mouth is one of the major indicators health professionals look at when assessing your overall health.

A window into your internal workings, over 90% of systemic illnesses (illnesses that effect most or all parts of the body) will manifest in some way through the mouth. This means that your dentist may be able to spot the indicators of serious illnesses before passing you onto a more appropriate professional.

A Longer Life

Of course, when we’re happier with our smile we’re going to show it off to the world, and rightly so! Research has shown that people who smile more tend to live for slightly longer than those who don’t, so having a good smile can really count!

What really matters here is the individual’s positive outlook on life – a genuine smile cannot be faked, especially not for the health benefits associated with it. That’s why it is important that our smiles are not just whitened but are genuinely healthy, happy and cheesy grins!

A Good First Impression

This is one of the main reasons why whitening teeth has become a huge trend – first impressions are still hugely important, both in our work lives and our social lives. The old saying “your smile is the first thing people notice” still holds true today, meaning that your healthy smile will often be the first thing people get to know about you!

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Arguably the biggest benefit of having a healthy, happy smile is the effect it has on our self-esteem. Having the confidence to grin wildly at conversations, knowing that we’ve cared for and nurtured our beautiful set of gnashers can make all of us happier, healthier people.

The most important thing to remember is that there’s a difference between a healthy smile and a whiter smile. For people with coloured teeth, persistently aiming for shining pearly-whites will likely get us down when we don’t achieve it in the time we wanted to. However, by focusing at the beginning on making our mouths healthier we will be set on the right path towards an awesome smile!

Of course, many healthy people still don’t have the white teeth they’re hoping for, and for them a few shades lighter may be all that’s between them and that perfect, confidence-inducing grin. If you are in that category, check out our teeth whitening independent reviews uk to make sure you get the right product for what you need.

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