Interesting Facts About Teeth

Dec 12, 2018 | News

Teeth are, in our opinion, wholly underrated and under-appreciated. One of the main reasons we’ve dedicated this website to help people get the best smile is because your teeth are vital in your everyday living. If, after reading this, you’ve found yourself with a renewed sense of gratefulness for your pearly whites, then we’d recommend checking out our teeth whitening strips reviews to get them back to looking their brilliant best.

In this article, we’ll be exploring some interesting facts related to teeth that we reckon you didn’t know, and after reading this, you’ll be dazzling your dentist, not only with your teeth but with your impeccable gnasher knowledge.

1. The enamel that coats your teeth is considered the hardest mineral substance in your body. Perhaps the most commonly known of these facts, the enamel that coats your teeth is even stronger than bone! One thing that some people don’t realise is that once your enamel has been worn, then it is gone for good and cannot be rebuilt. Although some toothpastes help with restrengthening and remineralising your teeth, it’s really best just to avoid sugary drinks and foods where possible.

2. No two people have the same teeth, meaning that you’re teeth are as unique as your fingerprint. Currently, the Population Reference Bureau estimates that 107 billion people have ever lived on earth meaning that each person would have had a unique set of gnashers. This begs the question, will we ever see an exact duplicate of teeth?

3. During your lifetime, your mouth produces more than 20,000 litres of saliva, enough to fill more than 100 bathtubs. Saliva plays a vital role in your overall wellbeing. Despite its 98% water content, it contains essential electrolytes and enzymes. One of the primary functions of saliva is to moisten food as you chew to mould it into a bolus for easier swallowing.

4. An average person spends 38.5 days worth of time, brushing their teeth throughout their lifetime. This has been seen as a radical waste of time by innovative dental companies who are beginning to bring automatic tooth brushing devices to the market, such as Y-Brush and Amabrush.

5. The most expensive tooth ever sold at auction was bought by Dr. Michael Zuk, for the astonishing price of £23,010. The reason for this price was that the tooth was reported to have belonged to John Lennon.

6. The world record for the most people simultaneously brushing dogs’ teeth is held by The Link Management Limited and was achieved in Hong Kong, China, on December 9th 2012. The record currently stands at an amazing 268 people.

7. One of the most famous early dentures wearers was George Washington, the first president of the United States. However, contrary to popular belief, the president’s teeth were not made of wood, instead, they were built using a combination of human teeth, along with donkey and horse teeth on an ivory pallet.

8. The most expensive toothpaste in the world is called Theodent 300 and retails at $100! Although the product doesn’t use the typically included ingredient of Fluoride, the product promises to strengthen and remineralise your tooth enamel using the unique ingredient Rennou™. The patented ingredient comes from the cocoa bean and was discovered by Dr. Tetsu Nakamoto.

Hopefully, this article has rejuvenated your appreciation for your teeth and just how important and unique they are to you. Finally, remember to take good care of your gnashers, and they’ll take good care of you.

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